Every Kitchen should have a Fire Blanket

Fire Blanket Carrum Downs

Fire Blanket out of Packaging

The ideal Fire Blanket is a piece of woven glass material, no less than 1 metre x 1 metre square. Correctly thrown over a kitchen fire will reduce the spread and ferocity of the fire.

Is there as Ideal Fire Blanket?

A woven glass Fire Blanket is:

  • fire-resistant,
  • safe to handle,
  • flexible,
  • light weight compact when folded and
  • affordable.

Few other materials have all these characteristics.  Australian Standards approved Fire Blankets will have the Code – AS/NZS 3504:2006.  Domestic blankets for bedroom/lounge are often made using material which is not fire resistant and may fuel a fire. Do not take the risk.  P & J Fire Services strongly recommend installing Fire Blankets which meet the Australian Standards.

Fire Blanket versus Hypothermia Blanket

Fire Blanket South East Melbourne

Fire Blanket folded into Red Plastic Cover Bag

A Fire Blanket is not the same as a Hypothermia Blanket. A good First Aid kit will contain a Hypothermia Blanket. Usually made from aluminium film, a Hypothermia Blanket is used to retain heat but not designed to smother fire. Reaching for the wrong Blanket may cost valuable minutes. Fire blankets are generally white and are packaged in a red sleeve. If you have a fire and you are not sure,  leave .

Uses of Fire Blankets

Cooking fat or oil can burst into flame. Hot oil splatter near a naked flame or overheating of oil can happen quickly. Any nearby flammable (burnable) items , including clothing can fuel the fire in an instant. Smothering the fire is effective whether the fire is contained within a pan, or if it has spread to a person. Fire Blankets are available in multiple  sizes which will suit your kitchen or barbeque area. Easy access in the event of an incident is crucial. Plan ahead. Position your Fire Blanket where you reach it quickly and easily. If the fire intensifies make sure you can get away safely.

Using a Fire Blanket


  • The packaging is designed for quick release.
  • Pull firmly down on the tabs.
  • Blanket will release
  • Hold the blanket in front of you
  • Protect your hands by rolling the edges

For a cooking fire

  • Gently place the fire blanket over the fire, keeping hands and face protected behind itA
  • Place the blanket from the front of the fire towards the back. This will reduce the risk of the flames coming towards you.
  • Turn off the heat source and leave the blanket in place no less than 15 minutes
    Fire Blanket Dandenong

    Fire blanket over cook top and saucepan

  • Dial 000, Ask for Fire Brigade

For a clothing fire

  • Wrap the blanket around the fire and the person.
  • Make them drop to the floor/ground and roll until the fire is out.
  • Seek medical assistance

Where to buy a Fire Blanket

Fire Blankets are just one part of a Fire Safety Plan for your business. For professional advice to assess what is the best choice for your business make an appointment with P & J Fire Services for a thorough assessment of your needs. Get it right, first time.


[A   Source Queensland Fire and Emergency Services 2016]

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