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P&J Fire provides quality fire safety services for businesses, shops, schools, churches, commercial premises, factories, storage facilities and more.Fire Assessment of Premisess

Fire Safety Assessment

Are you bewildered and frustrated about Fire Safety Compliance? Do you own or manage an existing building? Are your assets and occupants protected? Have you protected yourself? Do you need help? P & J Fire Services can bring clarity into the Fire Protection of your premises. Our trained, experienced team can help you solve your fire safety compliance issues. Options, ideas and recommendations regarding implementation costs and ongoing costs, tailored to your particular environment will help give you direction and peace of mind. More..

Fire Equipment InstallationAmtec Portable Fire Extinguishers Melbourne

Fire Safety Product Selection

Which Fire Extinguisher is right for your environment? Do you have the most appropriate Fire Blanket for your setting? Does your premises need a Fire Hose installed?  Which equipment will give you the most compliance-bang for your budget? P & J Fire Services will assess and recommend for your setting and circumstances. More

Fire Extinguisher Installation Techniques

Choosing the correct products is important. Suitable installation of each product is equally important. P & J Fire Service consultants are fully skilled and equipped installers. Proper installation is not merely a compliance issue but an issue of common sense. In the event of a fire emergency you want the equipment to be where it needs to be, not tucked away in the back of the stationery cupboard. More

Fire Equipment Maintenance

Why do you need scheduled Maintenance?

Will your Fire Equipment work when you need it too? Can you tell if it has been damaged? Has someone borrowed an item and not returned it? Do you remember when you last checked? Seems like 2 months? It is probably longer! Have the Australian Standards and Building Code changed? Do you want to automate your maintenance program? Do you want peace of mind? Remove the guesswork and hassle from your Fire Equipment Maintenance program. Scheduled maintenance by P & J Fire Services will resolve doubt. P & J Fire Services is a registered CFA FEM provider. More..

Electrical Test and TagPJ Fire Vehicle for on site fire safety

P & J Fire Services offers a Test Service for Electrical Items. When an item is tested as safe, the item is “tagged” with the official P & J Fire Services compliance tag. This tag shows the date of testing and the expiry date. By attaching the tag to your electrical item, you and your staff can see at a glance whether a device or piece of equipment is compliant with current Workplace Safety requirements and expectations. The visible tag also serves as a reminder that safety in the workplace is a normal part of your enterprise. More

On-Site Fire Equipment Service

There is no need to bring your fire equipment to us. P & J Fire Services well equipped service vehicles will come to you. If an equipment fault cannot be resolved we will organise either repair or replacement for you.



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