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We protect your buildings and equipment from a fire event

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P&J Fire Services provide qualified compliant services to businesses in South East Suburbs of Melbourne. Our services include:

Fire Equipment Maintenance

Fire extinguishers need to be checked regularly. Scheduled maintenance is recommended. More…

Fire Safety Assessment

Are you up to date with Fire Regulations? A Fire Safety Assessment is a simple way to find out. Read more

Fire Equipment Installation

We help you choose the right extinguisher for the right location or purpose. We will  securely install it as well. More…

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Test & Tag Service

All of your electrical equipment and appliance can be fire safety tested on site. Tags make it easy to know which items are safe.  More

On Site Fire Safety Service

Commercial Fire Safety Services. We come to your business, office, factory, school, hall, premises……

Peter Bates Fire Safety Consultant

Why choose P & J Fire Services?

Peter has built a reputation for tailoring his services to each client and business.  Get the equipment and services that you need, not the package that suits a salesperson. Deal direct with Peter, experienced across the entire fire services space, who can customise and implement for your situation and/ or refer to a trusted fellow provider. Schools, offices, small warehouses and medium showrooms, whatever your business it is simple as making the first phone call.

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P & J Fire Services

P & J Fire Services strive to help you protect your buildings and equipment from a fire event. A Fire Safety Assessment of your circumstances will uncover weaknesses in your building design and layout.  Buildings, equipment, machinery technologies, intellectual property and records must be protected from fire.

Fire safety protection is much more than a fire extinguisher hanging on the wall. The team at P & J Fire Services are trained to conduct thorough, holistic identification and assessment of your environment. Consideration of all relevant factors affecting your situation is vital. For example -Type of enterprise, number of staff, movement of personnel, storage of stock, equipment used, current fire safety measures and level of training.

P & J Fire Services will make recommendations for continuity and/or modification of current fire safety measures. Should your enterprise need fire safety equipment for example fire extinguishers, fire blankets, hoses, couplings, brackets and signage, P & J Fire Services can advise on your options.

Want to know more about Fire Equipment Maintenance?  Electrical Equipment integrity is necessary for Fire Safety Protection. Faulty electrical equipment is a known cause of commercial, residential and agricultural fire events.

Want to know more about P & J Fire Safety Assessments? Portable Fire Protection Equipment can be provided and installed by the P & J team. For structural fire safety measures such as detectors and sprinklers, P & J has a network of and refers to specialist service providers.

Want to know more about P & J Fire Equipment Installations? Fire Equipment Maintenance is necessary for ongoing Fire Safety. All Fire Extinguishers must be in working order. Within your busy enterprise or organisation it is easy to overlook gradual equipment condition decline. Don’t be caught out by an empty or damaged fire extinguisher.  P & J Fire Services will develop a scheduled program to check, recharge, repair or replace YOUR extinguishers and other Fire Safety Equipment.


When did you last inspect your “new” coffee machine?

Qualified, experienced and equipped with A1 testing equipment, P & J Fire Services provide systematic Test & Tag for Electrical equipment and devices. Think about all the gear and gadgets in your business or Home. A kettle, a grinder, a floor polisher, a Computer monitor. Are they safe? 

P & J Fire Services will bring their Testing equipment to you, when it suits you. No need to interrupt your production.

We come to you, when it suits you.

Schedule your Test & Tag around your program. For more information about Test & Tag , or to schedule your Test and Tag call 0430 666 877.

 Always Polite, Professional, always Prompt Service

Richard D

Manager, Hastings

Peter arrives as scheduled, completes the maintenance and/or upgrades, all at a competitive price. Happy to recommend


Manager, Storage Facility Dandenong South

I highly recommend Peter from P&J Fire Safety. He understood how our workshop functioned and developed a fire safety plan and equipment to suit. 

Jim C

Owner, Workshop

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