Electrical Test & Tag

Are your Electrical Items Safe?

How many Electrical Items do you have in your business? Have a few extra items been added to your inventory in during the last 12 months? Are you using some ancient electrical items? Are the electrical devices at your place a risk to your safety?

5 Benefits of P & J Test & TagTest and Tag for Electrical Equipment

  • Identify Electrical Risks
  • Special rates for multiple items
  • On-Site service
  • Qualified tester
  • Up-to-date testing

What is Test & Tag?

P & J Fire Services offers a Test Service for Electrical Items. When an item is tested as safe, the item is “tagged” with the official P & J Fire Services compliance tag. This tag shows the date of testing and the expiry date. By attaching the tag to your electrical item, you and your staff can see at a glance whether a device or piece of equipment is compliant with current Workplace Safety requirements and expectations. The visible tag also serves as a reminder that safety in the workplace is a normal part of your enterprise.

Why Test & Tag?

Fire Brigade forensic statistics clearly show that fire events occur as a result of faulty electrical appliances, devices and equipment. Anecdotally,  many more businesses reduce their fire risk by maintaining equipment inventories AND scheduled Test and Tag programs. It is quick, easy and cost effective. There is no need to relocate your equipment to centralize the process.  Our up-to-date portable test equipment and qualified, experienced technicians streamline your electrical devices and equipment into an on-site, time-effective, reliable and cost effective Test and Tag Service.Test and Tag Equipment

We understand that you may be nervous about some of your older devices and equipment. Stop being nervous and just get the gear tested. Then  you will know how and when to proceed. Fire protection can start today. Ring P & J about your equipment concerns..today..ph 0430 666877

Examples of Equipment Test & Tagged

Too numerous to list..if it plugs into a wall or a power-board..we’ll Test it!    If you plug it into a generator or battery pack..we’ll test them too. Not sure about 3 phase tools? Ask Us

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