Fire Safety Assessment

Fire Safety Compliance

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Are you bewildered and frustrated about Fire Safety Compliance? Do you own or manage an existing building? Are your assets and occupants protected? Have you protected yourself? Do you need help? P & J Fire Services can bring clarity into the Fire Protection of your premises. Our trained, experienced team can help you solve your fire safety compliance issues. Options, ideas and recommendations regarding implementation costs and ongoing costs, tailored to your particular environment will help give you direction and peace of mind.

Are you up to date with Fire Regulations?

Familiarity with the fluidity of opinion, regulation, trend and requirements is a challenge for everyone involved with business, employees and the general public. Are you up to date with:

  • Department of Health and Human Services
  • Worksafe
  • Country Fire Authority
  • Victorian Building Authority
  • Australian Building Codes Board
  • Metropolitan Fire Brigade
  • CSIRO ActivFire®Register

Trust your Fire Safety decisions to P & J Fire Services – ph. 0430 666 877 – working in the field everyday.

Gold Standard in Safety Assessments

Our On-Site Fire Safety Assessments are the Gold Standard in Commercial Fire Safety. A site visit allows for real life, real time assessment of premises, layout, movement, storage, waste, equipment availability, equipment condition and more. A Fire Safety Assessment with a qualified, experienced P & J  Fire Safety Expert also brings professional, committed interaction. Evaluation of personnel awareness and culture is critical in a P & J Fire Safety Assessment.

What sort of buildings do we Assess?

25+ years in the field gives P&J Fire Services a versatility envied by many in Fire Protection Industry. Different environments have different Fire Safety perspectives. Our favourite clients include:

Commercial    Single shop fronts, shopping centres, factories, manufacturing complexes, local tennis clubs, scout halls, gyms, aquariums, medical centres, florists, schools, holiday parks, hotels, cafes, restaurants.

Residential    P & J Fire services provide portable equipment installations to housing.  Housing site assessments can be arranged through our network.

The goal remains the same…Protection. Prevention. Education

Pre-build Fire Safety Assessments

Are you an Architect, Engineer or Building Contractor? Have you had your early drafts surveyed by a Fire Safety Specialist?

Floor Plan with Safety Icons

New projects benefit greatly from including Fire Safety measure at the Architectural and Engineering phase of any new project. Incorporating fire safety measures as laid out in the Building Code is vital. Involvement of a P&J Fire Service consultant in early planning will ensure integration rather than expensive add-on measures later in your project. Your Final Compliance Check will run more smoothly. Having a Fire Safety expert as part of your planning and construction team will give you the edge for the Final Fire Safety Compliance Check. Plan revisions alone can delay a project unnecessarily. Fire Safety need not be an afterthought in the building process. Avoid costly Plan revisions and Project delays. Do it right the first time. Individuals benefit, business benefits and the community has a safer environment.

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