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Signs for Fire Safety

Fire Extinguisher Sign supply and installationMaking good decisions when faced with a fire emergency is elemental to Fire Safety. Fire Safety Signs, seem passive,but are amazingly active when you need them

Top 3 Fire Safety Signs

Can you find these three in your business?

  • Fire Action Notice                Explains what to do in case of fire
  • Fire Exit Signs                       Fire exit doors, routes
  • Fire Extinguisher ID sign     Fire equipment

Next most important Signs

  • Fire Alarm Signs                    If you have a fire alarm
  • Special Warning Signs          ‘Danger’, ‘No Smoking’ if you additional hazards
  • Other                                     Reels, Hoses, Blankets

Common Questions

  • Will your signs need to be illuminated or photoluminescent?
  • Where do I install the Fire Action Notice?
  • How do you get it right?

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How humans respond to Fire

Sign Fire Blanket South eastern MelbourneWhen there is fire many human variables come into play. What can we smell? What can we hear? What can we see? How will we react? Will we want to run? Will our feet be stuck to the floor? Will we be disoriented? We will each do the best we can. Professional fire fighters are trained to understand not only how to prevent, manage and fight fire but also understand how they themselves respond to a fire event.

Development of Fire Safety Standards

Standards related to Fire Equipment manufacturing and performance are meticulous and methodical. The Australian Standard requires that all fire extinguishers, for example, must be officially accredited. Maintenance, selection, location are also subject to comprehensive standards.

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Fire Exit Signs and Other Safety Signs

Next time you are in a building or office take the time to check out the fire safety signs. They are simple, and relatively universal. Self explanatory and easy to interpret. The simplicity helps to make good decisions in the event of a fire emergency.

Not sure about your signs Click here for Australian Standard Signs

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Fire Safety when travelling overseas

The Fire Safety community learns from each other.

Next time you travel look out for familiar Fire Safety Measures

International Fire Safety Sign Milan
International Fire Safety Sign Slovenia
International Fire Extinguisher Sign Greek Mosaic
International Fire Extinguisher Sign  Thessaloniki

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