Fire Equipment for Churches and Church Halls

fire safety is important for churchesInstallation of Fire Equipment for churches and the not-for-profit sector is not an area for exemption or cutting corners. A recent email prompted a dedicated post on the subject. Charitable, voluntary, religious and spiritual organisations are often scrambling for dollars to maintain their services and premises. Working bees, fund-raising lamington drives, garage sales and generous donations all help to keep these amazing organisations above water. Fire Safety is an essential facet of the organisational obligation.

 Our church in a bayside suburb is quite modern. Electrical systems have been checked and are all OK. No one sleeps in the church or the hall. Do we need fire extinguishers and other safety equipment?  – Mark Anderson       

The Rules and Regulations say..

Workplace safety legislation applies in all states in Australia.  The legislation incorporates a range of measures that apply to all businesses, employers and employees. Sections relating to how items are lifted and moved, equipment you use, waste disposal, how items are stored, electrical items in good conditions, fire and evacuation and many more are designed to make going to work as safe as possible. Local government also has guidelines and rules which work with the Australian legislation to reinforce a high standard of private and public safety. Fire protection rules and regulations are laid out in the Australian Standard 1851

Churches are not exactly workplaces but certainly are places where people gather. The safety of all parishoners, visitors and hirers MUST be kept uppermost in the minds of church councils. Fire protection rules still apply for churches and church halls. Need Help?

Who is responsible for the Fire Equipment in a Church?

As a premises enjoyed by a range of users it is customary for the church council to be responsible for identification of risks and the implementation of fire protection measures. This responsibility may be delegated to a staff member or better still contracted out to a fire protection professional.

What are the fire risks in a church?

The risks will be specific to your situation, however, here are some things for you to consider


  • Do you have electrical equipment?  Computers, heating units
  • Storage of chemicals? Cleaning chemicals may be highly flammable
  • Are there sufficient power points?  Power boards, extension cords
  • Do hirers bring electrical equipment with them?
  • Where do you store your records?  Do you have a large collection of books and files?
  • Movement of staff and users?  Well lit, ease of movement, access to exits
  • Is there a kitchen?  Kettle, microwave, toaster-oven, coffee machine

6 Easy to Understand Fire Equipment for Churches Measures

Assessment, Installation and Maintenance is the backbone of Fire Protection

  1. Fire extinguishers    Installing the right extinguisher fort the right purpose in the right place
  2. Fire Extinguisher Training   Be sure you know how to use an extinguisher?
  3. Fire Blanket – is it in the right place
  4. Signage – a small but important part of fire safety
  5. Fire Escape Route Plan – Plan ahead for you, your staff and your customers
  6. Other – premises specific

Planning for Fire Safety Success

Fire Safety in churches and church halls is often overlooked. Uncluttered and non-residential spaces can give a false sense of security. Sadly, malicious fires in churches do occur or even a boiled dry urn can be the start of a devastating fire event. The losses in a church or church hall fire go way beyond the destruction of chairs pews and light fittings. Insurance can never replace the well-thumbed books and the hand-written entries of people’s spiritual and physical lives.

Securing the Fire Equipment for your church is one area that we advise the assistance of a professional contractor rather than relying on divine intervention. Working with P&J Fire Services will get your Fire Safety right, and keep it right. Move your fire protection measures UP the priority list. Start with an assessment  and then move forward. Don’t let a fire ruin the physical focal areas of your spiritual life.  P&J Fire Services is ready to help you. Want to know more about P&J? Or just contact us today.



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