Business Fire Safe COVID update.

This is an important message for Melbourne and Victorian Business. Business Fire Safe COVID Update from P & J Fire Services. Fire does not take a holiday during a pandemic. Even if you have had to shut down your business P& J Fire Services assessments, installations and fire equipment maintainence continue during the COVID-19 restrictions.

Essential fire extinguisher maintenance

Maintaining fire safety services to essential services and businesses is critical to the safety to occupants, equipment and buildings in the event of a fire incident. Peter Bates of PJ Fire Services is continuing to provide Fire Safety Equipment assessments, installations and maintenance to existing and new customers during the COVID-19 emergency.

Increased Fire Risk for Business during pandemic

businessman in mask holding extinguisher near coworkers in office with smoke

business fire safety remains important during COVID

During the COVID-19 restrictions some businesses have reduced their workforce, their opening hours, their plant operational hours and access for visitors / customers. This does not reduce the importance of maintaining your fire extinguishers and other fire safety equipment. The alteration to your normal business practices may even worsen your risk of a fire event.

One growing area of Fire Safety, especially for businesses in Melbourne, is the anxiety of the community transmission of COVID. Managers and staff have added an extra layer to their work protocols to protect against COVID. There are extra tasks every hour, every day. The new risk then becomes forgetting the good habits of fire safety in the workplace. Please keep in mind the importance of keeping fire extinguishers accessible and clear of rubbish, maintaining exit pathways and corridors, being alert to faulty equipment and most all practice your fire survival plan. It might be wise to revisit our article on Office Fire Safety

Existing or New Fire Equipment Service Customers

Many existing customers of P&J Fire Services have a service schedule in place. P&J will continue to provide these fire safety services. If, however, your operating hours are greatly affected by COVID – 19 we are happy to be flexible so that your equipment can be   maintained and you and your premises remains fire safe. For new customers, assessments, installation and maintenance we will work to your timetable within our normal hours of Monday to Friday 9.00am – 4.30pm

Special COVID Precautions by fire consultants

P&J Fire Services only uses qualified consultants. We do not use any casual staff or trainees. As a small family business we completely understand the need to stay healthy. Peter Bates is committed to using a high level of COVID-19 health precautions to ensure the safety of himself, his family, his clients and the community. The precautions include the use of approved hand sanitiser, disposable gloves, surface treatment and maintaining social distancing requirements. Australian standard PPE (personal protective equipment) is used. Any additional precautions that you have implemented for your workspaces will be respected.

Please contact Peter directly on ph: 0430 666 877 if you require assistance, have any concerns or to make a booking. Stay safe