School Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

A high level of unintentional wear and tear means that school fire extinguisher maintenance is an essential part of a school budget. Is your school ready? Fire extinguishers in educational facilities present school managers with a unique set of challenges. The high levels of student traffic within the school, college or university is constant and relentless. Educational facilities are prone to high levels of unintentional wear and tear damage. Fire extinguishers although well-made and durable are not immune to the bump of a back-pack or a whack from an elbow. A fire incident in an educational facility, apart from the damage to property, will have devastating long-term effects on students, staff and the community even when there is no loss of life. Put simply, fire extinguishers that do not work properly are of no use in the event of a fire.P& J fire services in schools

Australian Standards AS1851

Fire extinguisher matters is outlined extensively in the Australian Standards. The requirements for provision, inspection and maintenance for educational facilities is mandatory for all educational facilities across Australia. The goal is not just a tick in a box, but a cultural normality focused on avoiding a tragedy for your school, its occupants and visitors.

Do-it Yourself or Use a Contractor?

P&J Fire Safety Services recommend monthly thorough review of your Fire Extinguishers. We also recommend that everyone in your organization develop an eye for when a Fire Extinguisher is not quite right (NQR). One student or staff member noticing a NQR and reporting it to your Facilities Manager, will give your fire safety arrangements the edge against catastrophe.

Not Quite Right Everyday Guide to  School Fire Extinguisher Maintenance

  • Location                            Is the fire extinguisher where it should be? Can you get to it when you need it?
  • Operating Nameplate       Can you easily read the instructions?
  • Pressure Gauge                Is it visible with the arrow in the green zone?
  • Pin and Tamper Seal        Are these intact?  (This is not uncommon in some schools!)
  • Extinguisher Condition    Are there signs of damage, rust, leakage or misadventure?

Fire Extinguisher Features

Key areas to maintain on Fire Extinguishers

If one of these 5 things is NQR it act NOW


Professional Services for School Fire Equipment Maintenance

The recommended monthly Fire Safety Service is considerably more comprehensive. P&J Fire Services includes elements of Risk Assessment, Fire Escape Planning, Fire Safety Equipment Provision, Installation, Maintenance, Repair, Removal and Training. Unsure if you are doing everything possible to protect your facility and its occupants? Are you in Melbourne’s South and East? Want to know more about P&J Fire Services? Contact a trusted fire safety professional at P&J Fire Services by phone 0430 666 877 or Email.

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