4 Stages of a Fire Safety Program

Premises Plan for Fire Safety Assessment






1. Planning

What are your circumstances? Are you starting a new business or have you been in business for a while now? What are your premises like? Single level, multi-story? What is the construction type? Brick, concrete, metal timber? Is your premises cosy and cramped, or spacious? Do you work on your own or do you have partners, associates and employees? How old are the people who work in your business? Do they have any health issues? Is English their spoken and written language.

What type of business are you running? Are there materials within your business that increase your fire risks? Do you havNew Offices fully fire safety compliante a lot of electrical equipment? Do you have a lot of stored items. Do your contents generate heat. How is your building heated and cooled? Re there explosive materials in your business? Are there particular areas that could potentially spontaneously catch fire? Where are your workers within the buildings? Are they aware of any inherently dangerous items and areas? Are there dead-end areas within your buildings. Is it easy to move around, is it easy to get out of the building? Are there alternatives? If you are building new or moving into new premises these sorts of issues need to be considered. P&J Fire Services can guide you through this Assessment and Planning Phase and provide you or your architect with a practical Plans going forward. If you need to implement a number of measures, P&J can help you manage a staged implementation.

2. Implementation

Your Assessment will reveal the areas of your Fire Safety that you do well, the areas that need modification & tweaking and the areas that need a serious make-over. Once a plan is agreed upon, P&J Fire Services can source, supply and install any required equipment. If it is printed fire safety instructions, we can help there too.

3. Training

Reactions to a Fire event are generally more successful if they have been practiced. Fire safety equipment is much easier to use in an emergency if you have already handled the equipment. P & J Fire Services provides training for you and you workers as required.

4. Review

Regular checks of protocols and maintenance of equipment varies from industry to industry. P&J will develop the appropriate regime for you. Any damaged or lost equipment can be repaired or replaced. This service includes suitable documentation for compliance purposes. No longer will maintenance be inadvertently overlooked with a change of staff or unforeseen circumstances.

Are you up-to-date? Or are you using out-of-date, obsolete ideas.  P&J Services respects the past and can help you move into the future.  The experienced team at P&J supports four key areas of Fire Safety. To protect your family, your business and your community contact us today.

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